About us

We are responsible professionals dealing in real-estate industry. We focus on creating unique family houses, from the land-plot through architectural study to design, from construction to using permit and sales.

We have over 10 years of professional experience. We cooperate with solid experts in the fields of architecture, designing, construction, legal and design.

We like to experiment with unconventional solutions and we take expert advices and recommendations. Each new project we deal with new and individual approach. We feel happy of our completed projects – they motivate us for further effort and discoveries.

We believe that you will stay on board with us for the next 10 years, we do care about our reputation and good relations with others. We appreciate the trust we have and strive to strengthen it.

Our philosophy

We want to use construction know-how, our experience and modern trends to create useful and attractive family houses for living.

Our team

Miloš Masarik
zakladateľ a CEO

I am a young, curious, and ambitious adventurer. I was born in 1978 in Trencin. After completing study I have been travelling around the world and was considering my future direction.

For almost 10 years I was working for a reputable property developer in the country. I had managed successfull shopping mall in Bratislava. I was also a member of a team managing the sale of company projects to foreign investors. Later I had managed a specific crisis project in the real-estate industry, our task was to stabilize the situation and bringing final solution.

Afterwards I started being fully and professionally involved with building my own company WIZARDUS, which brings for me new life stage.

I am married, have got three beautiful kids, and I love doing sport, photography and nature.

Peter Rentka
construction manager
Max Cvengroš
interior architect
J. Giláňová
Marek Gehry
Martin Zlejší
Martin Blaško
structural engineer
construction supervisor
Tatiana Masariková

Our story

The tale of Wizardus started in the year 2008. Back then I was dealing as its founder with the projection of our own family house. That adventure full of euphoria, hard work, strides and nerves right up to the first move-in and wonderful feelings were hard coded into my memory.

Roughly after four years of wonderful living I had the feeling that the special emotion of living in a family house should be shared with others, that it is right to pass the gained experiences and we have to start connecting new trends, skills and knowledges that our contemporary world offers to us. I have realized that many people would like to live in their own houses, although they could not affort to do that for various reasons so far.

That’s why we have embarked in the year of 2014 on the path of managing another family housing project, which we managed to bring into successful end after two years and to pass the new family house to happy owners. That feeling brought us not only success and many experience, but it mainly motivated us largely to further improvement and continuity.And that is why WIZARDUS is here and with you, to help you create and bring into life new and unique family houses.

Our vision

In the future we will create attractive location with family houses for living, with sophisticated urbanism and attractive architecture. It will be valuable place for living.


Wizardus s.r.o.
HUBHUB office
Mlynské Nivy 5
821 09 Bratislava

tel.: +421 905 571 063
e-mail: info@wizardus.sk
CID no.: 47 724 234
TAX no.: 2024070158
VAT no.: SK2024070158
IBAN: SK16 1100 0000 0029 2491 1735
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