Epsilon (A)

smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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your future house created on your ideas and needs
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Epsilon (B)

smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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Omicron (A)

smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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Omicron (B)

smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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design 5- bedroom house with sauna and integrated double garage
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intelligent 5-rooms bungalow with modern technology
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compact 4-rooms house full of modern technology
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design 4-room bungalow with integrated double garage and tailor-made architecture
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modern 5-rooms house with its own architecture and open disposition
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ground floor 3- rooms house full of modern technology
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4-room house full of modern technologies
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…is a modern two-storey house designed for 5-6-member family with specific space requirements.

The ground floor is wheelchair accessible, has a perfectly interconnected interior with a garden and also an integrated double garage.

…it has a useful area of 207 m2, with only 146 m2 built-up area.

Ground plan

WIVA has a ground floor connected to a social day zone, which is barrier-free connected with an outdoor terrace and garden.
At the same time there is a guest room and separate bathroom with toilet.


Upstairs, WIVA is divided into a bedroom with a wardrobe, 2 spacious children’s rooms and a comfortable 12m2 main bathroom with window.


You can enter the house with a dry foot through a double garage, which is functionally connected with the house and which brings pleasant comfort for cars, bicycles and other things.




WIVA fits the ideal land with an area of 700 square meters, but it can also fit into smaller plots with an area of about 500 square meters.

It is perfectly south-facing, but flexible for different land-forms with access from the north, east and south.

two exterior terraces and a daylight section, each of 2 sides, giving you the flexibility to rotate the house to 3 cardinal points (except for the unsuitable north).



Systems and technologies

WIVA is ready to be equipped with several modern systems and technologies for its security, essential energy and cost savings, comfort of home operation, automated operation.

– automatic ventilation system with heating: it ensures even hygienic ventilation and significant savings in heating costs

– exterior blinds with digital control: bring thermal comfort during summer shading and night house effects

– electronic security system: in addition to guarding it informs about the status of multiple devices in the house

– central vacuum cleaner, which delivers high-performance, quiet and dust-free vacuuming at home

– underfloor heating with equithermic regulation: comfort of even heat from the floor

– autonomous lighting of facade exterior brings a visual beautification of the night facade and increased safety at negligible cost

– house audio-system: offers the possibility to relax with favorite music on the terrace or in the garden

– video-porter: means audio-visual overview of visitor waiting in front of the door


Consumption and energy


approx. 48 EUR per month

calculated annual consumption of 1100 m3
unit price = 0.53 EUR per 1m3
4-member family
use for heating and TUV


approx. 39 EUR per month

calculated annual consumption 3500 kWh
unit price 0,135 EUR for 1kWh
4-member family
cooking and other appliances



approx. 26 EUR monthly load

calculated annual consumption of 140 m3 of water
unit price of 2.22 EUR per 1m3
4-member family
use for cooking and sanitary purposes


Built-up area of the house 143 m2
Usable area of the house 206 m2
Exterior terraces 28 m2
Number of rooms 5
Storage 26 m2
Energy class A1
Area of land 600 m2
Land dimensions ideal 20x30 m
Land orientation south, east, west
Green area 400 m2
Drinking water yes
Public sewerage yes
Gas fixture yes
Electrical connection yes
Asphalt communication yes



Land + approved : finished facade; plaster; screeds; plasterboard ceiling; external reinforced surfaces (car-port, terrace, access path); in floor heating system; smart wiring; preparation for air condition and photovoltaics; all heat recovery and central vacuum distribution systems; alarm cabling, cameras, weather station, internet
price without VAT: 150 000 €
price with VAT: 180 000 €
INTERNAL STANDARD (optional package)

walls lining and floor pavement sanitary and furnishing goods interior door; parquet, paving and other final surfaces
price without VAT: 7 500 €
price with VAT: 9 000 €
TECHNOLOGY AND SYSTEMS (optional package)

heat recovery DANTHERM ; exterior blinds NOVAL; central vacuum ; alarm ; autonomous exterior lighting
price without VAT: 6 250 €
price with VAT: 7 500 €
GARDEN (optional package)

basic garden arrangements; lawn; water well and irrigation system
price without VAT: 5 000 €
price with VAT: 6 000 €