We are creative developers bringing you unique family houses.
We choose interesting places, create attractive architecture and personally manage construction.

Available houses



Welldone 1

modern 4-rooms house (already rented)
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first shared co-living
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your future house created on your ideas and needs
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design 5- bedroom house with sauna and integrated double garage
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Omicron (A)

smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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intelligent 5-rooms bungalow with modern technology
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Epsilon (A)

smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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4-room house full of modern technologies
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design 4-room bungalow with integrated double garage and tailor-made architecture
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Epsilon (B)

smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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modern 5-rooms house with its own architecture and open disposition
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compact 4-rooms house full of modern technology
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Omicron (B)

smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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ground floor 3- rooms house full of modern technology
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Basic principles

- we think about how will the site look like in 5 or 10 years
- we are looking for locations close to "life centre" and availability of services
- we analyze the technical infrastructure of the site - including roads, walkways, lighting ...
- we check the site is equipped with utilities such as water, gas, sewage, fibres, etc.
- a good location must be user-friendly to its inhabitants and surrounding

Subsequently  we consider other important circumstances (for example neighbourhood, traffic situation in the vicinity, regulations for construction...).

- we precisely analyze the basic parameters of plots
- we focus on sufficient size of new house, garden, greenery, pool…
- we verify the correct orientation of the plot towards North
- we evaluate important details - dimensions, gaps between neighbours and plot shape

- we believe each land-plot has its genius loci and deserves individual approach
- we always start by creating unique architectural study
- we treat each initiated project as a new and unique original
- we actively manage the project documentation and its outcome

- we ensure proper preparation of the construction and its follow-up
- we manage and coordinate the building process and we are present at each of it's stages
- we take care of various building and construction details and their solid implementation
- we use high quality building materials
- we collaborate with reputable companies with guarantee and trust

- already at designing we consider future implementation of technologies and systems
- as a standard, we install or prepare heating, exterior shading, ventilation, security system, automatic irrigation system, autonomy façade lighting and other amenities
- we also prepare implementation of intelligent home system

- we focus on acceptable operational costs of future house
- already during designing we calculate an ambitiously low energy demands
- we are highly demanding on heat insulations, windows and energy saving technologies
- we believe that with smart consumption we help future users and also our environment

How we create a new house

  • Selection of location and land-plot
  • Architectural study
  • Designing and permitting
  • Construction of house
  • Interior and exterior
  • Using permit and moving-in

Success stories


Our philosophy

We want to use construction know-how, our experience and modern trends to create useful and attractive family houses for living.

Created value
Professional experience

Our customers said...

…your design is layed out in details and that what makes the cooperation totally different.

Ing.Hálka, KONTRAKTING s.r.o.

With such a personal approach we have not yet encountered the search for new housing, thank you.

Lukáš and Vlaďka

… I think Wizardus has the feeling and the ability to do the job well and that´s what I like about.

Silvia Tančiboková

Our vision

In the future we will create attractive location with family houses for living, with sophisticated urbanism and attractive architecture. It will be valuable place for living.