Epsilon (A)


Welldone 1

modern 4-rooms house (already rented)
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first shared co-living
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your future house created on your ideas and needs
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design 5- bedroom house with sauna and integrated double garage
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Omicron (A)

smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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intelligent 5-rooms bungalow with modern technology
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Epsilon (A)

smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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4-room house full of modern technologies
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design 4-room bungalow with integrated double garage and tailor-made architecture
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Epsilon (B)

smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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modern 5-rooms house with its own architecture and open disposition
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compact 4-rooms house full of modern technology
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Omicron (B)

smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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ground floor 3- rooms house full of modern technology
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Epsilon (A)

–  ground floor house with timeless architecture


–  ready for a 4 or 5-member household


–  layout divided into daily (social) and night (private)


–  completely wheelchair accessible


–  has a perfectly interconnected interior with a garden and also an integrated double garage


–  using the principles of solar architecture


–  equipped with modern technologies and systems



Epsilon (A)

…is located in the modern village  Alžbetin Dvor in a new residential area. It is located on the corner of a quiet street. There are important parts of the village you can do it by walk (up to 10min), such as football and children’s playground
school and kindergarten, grocery store, train and bus, sports complex, municipal officeň, the post office, church and pub

Alžbetin Dvor is a modern and dynamic village, located about 20km from the center of Bratislava, towards the southeast.

The village is accessible from all world directions by several transport routes and means – by car, by bus and also by the modern REGIOJET train connection.

Alžbetin Dvor is considered as very quiet and comfortable place to live with reasonable access to Bratislava, Senec and the Danube.

The municipality has its own self-government, which tries to support the needs and expectations of the inhabitants of the village and communicates with them in a very open and accommodating way. He is also the organizer of various practical and social events (such as Children’s Day at the Playground; Miloslavský ball; Catherine’s Entertainment; Majáles, Earth Day – spring cleaning of the village …) and also publishes his own magazine.

A large part of today’s inhabitants are young people with small children who have moved to the village and who have similar interests and needs – their current number is about 3,500 people of a significantly prevailing Slovak nationality.

Other interesting information about the village can be found on the web-site www.miloslavov.sk

Ground plan

EPSILON is our new tailor-made 4-room house. It has two separate children’s rooms and a parents’ bedroom with pleasantly large windows. Each of the rooms has generous storage space.

The open daily part of the house connects the kitchen, dining room and living room
to the common area, which is connected to the terrace and garden.

The garden, thanks to its generous glassed areas, increases living space and is a real
part of living.

The bathroom with a large window has comfortable almost 8m2 with a separate bath,
shower, two sinks and a second toilet.

EPSILON also has a separate technical room where all the technologies and systems are located
(eg boiler, heat recovery, alarm, washing machine.



EPSILON is perfectly oriented to the cardinal points of the world and uses the principles
of solar architecture – especially the generous illumination of the interior and the heat of the sun during the year.

It has a sophisticated layout of rooms, living room and other areas to the cardinal points (for example, the entrance is from the NW) and the day zone is lighted with a pleasant eastern and southern sun.

On the inner side of the plot there is a future garden, a terrace and a perspective swimming pool.

On the front of the plot is a car-port for 3 cars.

The  second part of the house is separated both structurally and visually and both parts offer sufficient privacy and peace.


Systems and technologies

heat recovery DANTHERM with automatic ventilation

– exterior blinds NOVAL

– intelligent TAPHOME home control

– central vacuum HUSKY for powerful, quiet and dust-free vacuuming in the home

– underfloor heating SCHüTZ that brings uniform heat from the floor

– video-porter for audio-visual overview of visitors in front of the house

– autonomous exterior lighting for its night lighting and increased safety

Consumption and energy


approx. 48 EUR per month

calculated annual consumption of 1100 m3
unit price = 0.53 EUR per 1m3
4-member family
use for heating and TUV



approx. 39 EUR per month

calculated annual consumption 3500 kWh
unit price 0,135 EUR for 1kWh
4-member family
cooking and other appliances



approx. 26 EUR monthly load

calculated annual consumption of 140 m3 of water
unit price of 2.22 EUR per 1m3
4-member family
use for cooking and sanitary purposes

Architectural study

EPSILON is an original house created according to modern trends, which was thoroughly prepared on paper in the first phase.

It was created in the ZDRAVÝ DOM studio under the supervision of experienced architects Júlia Giláňová and F.Lehocký.

Architectural study has given us the opportunity to create everything according to our ideas and demands. It also offers the flexibility to experiment and find the right combination of beauty, usefulness and quality we expect from our homes.

At the beginning of the study, we had clean, unwritten paper – we first came up with the  location of the house on the plot, then we played with the floor plan and dividing the inner space into a day and night section. And then it came to the matter of the material solution of the whole house and its external appearance. We have tried to make our new EPSILON visually beautiful, user-friendly and material-ready …


community Alžbetin Dvor
location nová zóna
area 411 m2
dimensions cca 23 x 18
greenery area 233 m2
built -up area 122 m2
useful area 115 m2
number of rooms 4
exterior terrases 14 m2
energy class A1
Other parameters
media&energy electricity, water, sew., gas..
internet optical cabel
asph.-com. yes
public lighting yes
parking place 3



Land with all engineering networks + house in basic standard with using - permit: facade with bricks; plasters; screeds; plasterboard ceiling; external reinforced surfaces (car-port and access path); floor heating system; smart electrical installation; alarm; exterior blinds (preparation); recuperation + air conditioning + central vacuum (wiring)
price without VAT:
price with VAT: 163 000 €
INTERNAL STANDARD (optional package)

walls lining and floor pavement sanitary and furnishing goods interior door; parquet and other final surfaces
price without VAT:
price with VAT:
TECHNOLOGY AND SYSTEMS (optional package)

recuperation DANTHERM ; exterior blinds NOVAL; central vacuum HUSKY; air conditioning TOSHIBA; autonomous exterior lighting
price without VAT:
price with VAT:
GARDEN (optional package)

basic garden arrangements; lawn; water well and irrigation system
price without VAT:
price with VAT: