Welldone 1

modern 4-rooms house (already rented)
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first shared co-living
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your future house created on your ideas and needs
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design 5- bedroom house with sauna and integrated double garage
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Omicron (A)

smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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intelligent 5-rooms bungalow with modern technology
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Epsilon (A)

smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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4-room house full of modern technologies
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design 4-room bungalow with integrated double garage and tailor-made architecture
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Epsilon (B)

smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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modern 5-rooms house with its own architecture and open disposition
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compact 4-rooms house full of modern technology
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Omicron (B)

smart 4-rooms house equipped with modern technologies
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ground floor 3- rooms house full of modern technology
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– (W)individual may be ground floor or more-floors house


– we will create (W)individual in high quality and timeless architecture


– we will design your (W)individual for as many home-members as needed


– we will carefully sketch the layout for day-zone and night-zone


– we will furnish your (W)individual with modern technologies and systems


– we will interconnect (W)individual to the exterior garden and its greenery


– we will perfectly set your (W)individual towards north and south


– and after obtaining using permission we will help you to move in…



We will build your future (W)individual in (almost) any location you choose. If you already have your own land-property, we will adapt the house to its parameters.


Or together we will find a new place and the right property which will be the best for your (W)individual. While choosing, we will take into account our consistent requirements – available infrastructure (e.g. media networks), transportation options (train, bus), availability of kindergarten, school, services, sports zone…

Ground plan

– Do you prefer a ground floor  or a 2-floors house?

– How many household members will be in your new house?

– Do you like open space and common day zone in the house?

– Do you prefer a more spacious bathroom with integrated toilet?

– Do you want for your children separated children’s rooms?

– Do you like big windows and lots of light?

– Are you considering a guest room, utility room and (double)garage?


We are very interested in your answers to such questions simply because to create and design a valuable house is a real  alchemy – and only later usage of the house can confirm that consistent and professional preparation is  essential for your valuable housing.


Correct orientation for your W(individual) on the property will be very important. It will depend on several parameters – for example, the shape of the property, its orientation towards the  south or even the possibility to access to the property.


And when your W(individual) is built, we will add to it other important parts – garage or car-port, swimming pool, barbecue or garden-house…


This will be a very creative part of designing and drawing the architecture which we love – you will definitely like it too. We can think together what will be optimal for your new house and play with several options, from which we will finally choose the ideal one.

Systems and technologies

In your new house we can plan for example such modern technologies:


 ventilation and heat-recovery system DANTHERM

exterior blinds NOVAL

– intelligent home control TAPHOME

central vacuum cleaner HUSKY for powerful, quiet and dust-free vacuuming

underfloor heating SCHüTZ that brings uniform heat from the floor

– video-porter for audio-visual overview of visitors in front of the house

– autonomous exterior lighting for its night lighting and increased safety

–  house cooling (air conditioning or ceiling cooling)

photovoltaics on the roof (will produce electricity)

– house security system JABLOTRON (alarm)




Consumption and energy


approx. 48 EUR per month

calculated annual consumption of 1100 m3
unit price = 0.53 EUR per 1m3
4-member family
use for heating and TUV


approx. 39 EUR per month

calculated annual consumption 3500 kWh
unit price 0,135 EUR for 1kWh
4-member family
cooking and other appliances



approx. 26 EUR monthly load

calculated annual consumption of 140 m3 of water
unit price of 2.22 EUR per 1m3
4-member family
use for cooking and sanitary purposes


Architectural study

We will invent together your future W(individual) and prepare it thoroughly “for the paper”. In this creative phase we will also involve our experts from architecture, design and construction and coordinate everything so that the new house is beautiful, practical and of high quality.

The “design” process is one of the most beautiful stages of a new house – together we will invent, design, draw, rotate, move, enlarge, change matter, color, dimensions, facade …

When we are done, we will have a comprehensive architectural study in hand, with a well-designed layout, situation, views and visualizations of your future house.

Below is an example of a finished architectural study for one of houses we created.


Property (example)
community Rusovce
location Nová Zóna
area 600 m2
dimensions 20 x 30 m
greenery area 300 m2
House (example)
built-up area 120 m2
useful area 100 m2
number of rooms 4
exterior terrases 20 m2
energy class A0
Other parameters (example)
media&energy electricity, water, sew., gas..
internet optical cabel
asphalt roads yes
public lighting yes
parking place 3



completed house as following: completed facade; interior walls, floors and ceilings; in floor heating system, ventilation; all completed installations (intelligent electro, gas, water, sewage), installations/preparations for other technologies
price without VAT: 99 000 €
price with VAT: 118 800 €
INTERIOR STANDARD (optional package)

walls and floors final surfaces (tiles, parquets etc); sanitary devices and furnishing goods; interior doors
price without VAT: 7 500 €
price with VAT: 9 000 €
TECHNOLOGY AND SYSTEMS (optional package)

ventilation system DANTHERM ; exterior blinds NOVAL; central-vacuum ; alarm ; autonomous exterior lighting
price without VAT: 6 250 €
price with VAT: 7 500 €
GARDEN (optional package)

basic garden arrangements; lawn; water well and irrigation system
price without VAT: 5 000 €
price with VAT: 6 000 €